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about me

I'm a writer, a fighter and a friend. I like so much stuff, I love playing video games and reading books. I'm someone who'll be there through the good times and the bad. I'll support you no matter what, but I sometimes need you too. Friends? Yes, please! Let's have some fun in this world!

Doctor Who, Torchwood, Harry Potter, Inception, Sherlock, House, Anita Blake, Dreamcatcher, CSI, Watchmen, Green Street, Pokémon and Aliens.


Music (Hurts, Linkin Park, Clint Mansell, Gaga), Books (Under the Dome, Lord of the Rings, True Crime); Actors (Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy, Matthew Goode, David Tennant, Ralph Fiennes, David Thewlis); Games (SoulSilver; Okami; Mario Kart; Wii Fit); Roleplaying (Arthur [[profile] pointmans_suit]; Henry Devlin [[profile] doctor_psychic] Jack Harkness [[profile] immortal_flirt] & Sky Adams {An OC} [[profile] sky_chemist]) & Websites (GPX+, LJ, Archive of our Own, DW, VDex, Twitter, Facebook, dA, Tumblr)


LJ Layout - [personal profile] refuted; Header - [personal profile] celuthea; Userinfo Code - [profile] graceelle; Omanyte Picture from danbooru: Artist Unknown.

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