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HI NEW FRIENDS! *waveswaveswaves* This was originally posted on my LJ, which is the same name as here, if you'd like to friend me there!

I thought I'd throw a little introduction to my madness out there for my new friends but also maybe you old friends will find something new? I see you shakin' your heads, tut tut!!!

So! Hi, I'm Hari. I'm 21, I live in Reading, which is in the south of the UK, about 40 miles from the centre of London. I'm married (got married on the 19th of January, 2008) to one of my best friends in the whole world whose name is Barry (though I usually refer to him as Hubby or Hubby-bloke), and we have one little baby. Well, she sort of is.

When we got married, Barry had a furbaby called Snoop who he rescued from Battersea. At the ripe old age of 14(ish), we sadly had to have him put down (5th May 2009). We agreed that we'd wait about a month before we went and looked at dogs.

11 days later, we were at Battersea and I was told I could have any dog I wanted. So I picked Missy.
SO that's my home life. I have a hubby and a furbaby, and we live 2 doors down from my parents in a rented house that I'm completely in love with, ghosts and lack of central heating and all.

I collect pokémon toys for a variety of reasons, but mainly this; I'm a recovered self-harmer. During my recovery, I read about having a 'hobby' that's just for you, and so my pokémon collecting started! It's addictive, fun and the members of [community profile] pkmncollectorspkmncollectors  make the whole thing one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. That's the super dorky bit done!

I'm a huge, HUGE writer; I love writing slash, mainly, though I'm not adverse to het or anything else. My main fandoms are Inception, Harry Potter, Green Street Hooligans, Doctor Who, Torchwood, House and Dreamcatcher. I got into fandom by a fairly random string of events; I was seriously into Harry Potter, and googled Harry Potter Stories. I found Astronomy Tower, and was literally in love with the whole idea of playing in someone else's sandbox. This is where I discovered Sirius/Remus, and my complete fangirlie obsession began.

Like so many things, fandom kind of snowballed and here I am. I dip in and out of fandoms depending where my 'OOOH SHINY!' is located; right now Inception is eating my brain alive (as you can probably guess).

I love music; it's like my oxygen. I'll listen to pretty much anything! Though my favourite bands and singers are (at the moment) Hurts, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Scissor Sisters, Pendulum, Shakira and Maroon 5 among others. I also sing in a classical choir, and love modern composers like Karl Jenkins (we recently sang his Mass for Peace; b-e-a-uuuutiful).

You'll find me all over the intarwebz! If you see an account under the name 'celuthea' or 'desiat', it's probably me (I'm waiting on the LJ user 'desiat' being purged so I can have their username xD) but here's a list of places I am:-

I do have facebook but... Generally I'd like to get to know people a bit better before I add them to that ^_^'

I think I've covered everything, but of course, if you have questions, shoot!

How is everyone on my flist this fine Tuesday morning?

I'm off to find some tea! Hari x